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You made it! You’re a scroll away from transforming how you approach your business. All of my courses are designed to work with the Facebook algorithm, not against it. Engagement is so much easier when you go with the Facebook current! 

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Social Strategy Squad Membership

A social coaching group for women who want to run their businesses, but don’t want to sacrifice every last minute of their day to do it. You don’t have to choose! In the squad I provide you with executive level coaching, and you’ll be treated like the business owner you are. Someone with competing priorities, a house to run, and goals to hit. And every person in the squad is as committed to your success as you are.

Roadmap to Success - Fall 2019!

Because it's time to stop just learning, and start doing. 
View course $1,497

Diagnose Your Facebook Business Page with Dr. Facebook!

You have 10 seconds from the moment someone lands on your page to capture their attention. Download this checklist to make sure you aren't losing your prospects before you even have a chance. 


Worried about engagement? Follow this step by step guide to troubleshoot anything and everything that could be going wrong. 

Mindset Makeover

Find more happiness and satisfaction in your life. By changing your approach to entrepreneurship you can transform your entire business. 

Design Your Day With Purpose

Get control of your to do list by using my Control Your Calendar System - it's how I get so much done! (Exclusive Bundle Content)

Identifying Your Target Audience (MDS210)

Creativity is King (MDS230)

Otherwise known as: Learn how to express yourself regardless of how much or how little skill you have in art, writing, creativity, music, video, design, comedy!

Lights! Camera! Sales!

Take your business to the next level with good photos. It doesn’t take fancy equipment or expensive cameras. This course will show you how t

Facebook Business Page Diagnosis

Facebook Business Page Diagonals

Facebook Ad Primer

Learn why your ads aren't working, and how you can use a marketing strategy to fix some common issues. 

Conquer Your Calendar

'Tis the Season for Strategy (AKA Prepping for Vendor Events)

'Tis the Season for Strategy 

Become an Affiliate for Direct to Success

Did you know that you can actually make extra income referring the services and products you love to your friends?! 

Renovate Your Facebook

View course $3,500

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I'm Minessa! I'm a business strategist, marketer, social media expert & an efficiency junkie. Businesswomen hire me when they feel like their lives have been taken over by work. Working with me you'll learn hacks that make tech and social do the heavy lifting for you, so you can get back to making money while living the life of freedom you started your business for in the first place. Obsessed with: the 80s and 90s, mindfulness, puppies, and the MCU.