Conquer Your Calendar by Minessa Konecky

Conquer Your Calendar

Get off the hamster wheel of life and start to design your day with purpose. You'll get more done with less, and have extra time to do all the other things in life that aren't work.

What's included?

Become an Affiliate for Direct to Success

Did you know that you can actually make extra income referring the services and products you love to your friends?! 

Design Your Day With Purpose

Get control of your to do list by using my Control Your Calendar System - it's how I get so much done! (Exclusive Bundle Content)

Mindset Makeover

Find more happiness and satisfaction in your life. By changing your approach to entrepreneurship you can transform your entire business. 

Promoting your Events!

Get people to show up at your events by using proven tools of promotion with this walkthrough (Exclusive Bundle Content)