Facebook Ads Without Tears

Business owners struggle with the confusing process of creating Facebook Ads & the frustration of making them work. Here's a straightforward system that simplifies the process so you can create a successful, high converting ad you can publish in 5 days. 
Welcome & What to Expect
Welcome & Orientation
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Schedule for the Course
Questions or Concerns?
What to Expect From This Course
Build Your Foundation
Day 1: TOFU: Your Secret Weapon
{FB ADS} – TOFU: Your Secret Weapon
Your Audience thinks You're a Stranger to Them
Overview of Your TOFU Ad
Homework: Target Audience
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Day 2: Targeting Options
{FB ADS} – Time to figure out who’s going to see your ads
Picking Your Ad Audience
Homework - Create Your Audience
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Day 3: Writing Copy for your Ad
{FB ADS} – You’re Gonna Write a Classic Here
Description Text (40-80 Characters)
Headline (5 Words, 25 Characters)
Link Description (13 Words)
Call to Action
Homework - Write the Copy For Your Ad
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Day 4: Create your Ad Image
E-Mail - {FB ADS} Create your Ad Image
Creating Your Graphic
Example: Use a Picture of your product and nothing else (No text)
Example: Action Photo
Example: Use Icons or Illustrations
Homework - Create Your Ad Image
Day 5: Posting Your Ad
E-Mail - {FBADS} It’s beginning to look a lot like – ad day! 🎄
Step 1: Selecting Your Objective & The A/B Test
Step 2: Your Audience
Step 3: Placement & Delivery Optimization
Step 4: Budget & How Much to Spend
Step 5: Adding in the Creative Work
Step 6: Entering in Your Copy
Homework - Create Your Ad
Template - Solution for a Problem
Template - Obstruction Remover
Template - Download Free Solutions
Sample - Testimonial
Diagnosing the Problem
Facebook's Troubleshooting Tips
Testing Your Audience
Testing Your Creative
Testing Your Call to Action (CTA)