👀 Day 1: TOFU: Your Secret Weapon (03/30)

Orientation to Facebook ads and the Marketing Rule of 7. By the end of this session you will know the path of least resistance to customer conversion, and you’ll unlock the power of the Audience Insights tool (The secret to success on Facebook!)

🎯 Day 2: Targeting Options (03/31)

Defining your audience using the Audience Insights tool. Who will your ad be shown to, and how to figure that out. 

✍️ Day 3: Writing Copy for your Ad (04/01)

Creating ad copy that captures your audience’s attention and ignites their desire for your product by tapping into proven (and ethical) persuasion tactics. By focusing on the emotions with your copy, you create a shortcut to connection with your cold audience. 

🖼️ Day 4: Create your Ad Image (04/02)

Emotion happens in images, so no matter what your copy says you’ll need a compelling image to get your audience’s attention. 

💰 Day 5: Create Your Ad and Post It (04/03)

Now that we’ve put everything together, it’s time for you to create your ad. We cover the ad manager, budgeting, and ad placements. Students will also learn 3 metrics to use to gauge the veracity of their ads. 

Facebook Ads Without Tears

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