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Facebook Ads are a very straightforward process, but they've been complicated and muddied by years of constant changes, misinformation, and bad actors. This is the beginning of a clean Facebook ad slate for you, so we're going to start with the basics. Please be sure to go through the following Foundation content before August 31st!

Facebook Group

The Facebook group will be archived on September 18th and no further questions will be answered in there. We will re-open it in 2021 for Season 3. Please be sure to arrange your schedule so that you can complete the coursework before that date. You will retain access to all Podia course materials. 

Facebook Ads Without Tears

Business owners struggle with the confusing process of creating Facebook Ads & the frustration of making them work. Here's a straightforward system that simplifies the process so you can create a successful, high converting ad you can publish in 5 days. 

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