What to Expect From This Course

Tools & Resources

To create successful ads, you’ll need the right tools. First and foremost you’ll need a Facebook Business Page, since you won’t be able to do much with ads without one. If your business page is dead and inactive, what you learn in this course will help funnel new people to it. However, I would suggest that you invest in a course like the Roadmap to Success to get your page up to par. 

Even if your page is dead, don’t let that stop you. Saira invested her time and money heavily into Facebook Groups and de-prioritized her page, and she was able to grow to 30K in sales a month. However, she has hit a wall and is more active on her page now. If you’re happy with your income right now and your ads are meant to scale up your business, then you may come back to your page later. But if your group and page are both dead, and you’re trying to ignite customers, then your business page is a goldmine. 

Organization System

You’ll need some sort of electronic organization system. Scraps of paper and notebooks won’t work for this since a lot of what you’ll be working on is digital. Create a folder on Google Drive or DropBox and save all your materials in that folder. As we go through the course it’s going to fill up with copy, graphics, and handouts. Keep them all in the same place.

If you save things as screenshots on your phone, then you can directly save those to trello or to your offsite storage. Keeping this in one location will streamline your processes and save you time. 


You’ll need a graphics program like Canva or PicMonkey for your creative content if you choose not to make video. 


Wave: This is an online software program that gets you started by using templates right away and has a very simple interface. There are free and paid versions of this program. For the purposes of this training you will need a one month subscription to get started, which is $39 (You can get 10% off using the link above). In researching aver 30 online animation and video creation programs, this was the only one that checked off all the boxes of being low cost, relatively simple to use, and included a ton of templates and stock footage. 

Overview of the Ads We’ll Make

In this course you’ll create a TOFU ad, which is a Top of The Funnel ad and test it against 5 audiences. 
  1. 3 will be cold that you’re going to create from scratch, and 
  2. 2 are going to be dynamic, which means’ they’ll draw from information that consistently changes like how many video views a post received. 
We talked about this a bit extensively during the Ad Primer Workshop, that many business owners create some really great stuff for their marketing, but often show it to people at the wrong stage of their journey. 

For Example

When I first met my husband, I wasn’t looking to get married. If he had proposed to me in the bar in Allston, he would have freaked me out. It was the wrong time in our journey together for him to propose. I had been in the same room with him for less than 10 minutes at that point. I probably wouldn’t have moved in with him right then either, or done much else. But I would have dinner with him. And I did. 

You're courting your audience, which means the ads you create, as amazing as they are or may be, needs to be shown to them when they’re ready, and not before. Don't propose to them before they have a chance to find out who you are. They won't accept.

The ad you create in this course will prime them for all the ads to come in the future. If you're still not sure why going slow is important, revisit the Ad Primer or post your question on the wall!

Facebook Ads Without Tears

Business owners struggle with the confusing process of creating Facebook Ads & the frustration of making them work. Here's a straightforward system that simplifies the process so you can create a successful, high converting ad you can publish in 5 days. 

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