Roadmap to Success

A simple, step-by-step approach to using Facebook to grow your business. With the accountability to keep you on track. Sign up below to learn more about how you can stop just learning, and start doing. 
How Much Time Will it Take?
Phase Release Schedule
How the Course is Structured
90% to Success
When You're Feeling Overwhelmed
How this will help with the 2019 Facebook Changes
>> Crucial Step! Different Types of Activities
Module 0 - Welcome & Introduction
Phase 1 - Audience Auditor
Terminology for your Customers
>> Lets talk about where you fit into your customers life!
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Well isn't that Special?
>> Building Your Unicorn Factor
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The FOUR ways your customers find you
Getting the Information Straight from your Customer's Mouth
>> Asking the questions - or the great, powerful, and terrifying, market research survey
>>Where to post your Survey for Responses
Phase 1 - Audience Auditor: Quiz
Phase 1 - Bonus - UVP Examples
Phase 1 - Bonus - Market Research Mistakes to Avoid
Phase 1 - Bonus - Tips for a Successful Market Survey
Phase 2 - Map Maker
Please don't go - Your 10-Second Influencers and why they matter
Telling Your Customer about You by Talking about Solving Their Problems
Your Customer's Brain Algorithm
>> Time to put pen to paper in your Autobiography: The Marketing Version
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>> Writing Your Elevator Pitch
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Phase 2 - Map Maker: Quiz
Phase 2 - Bonus - About Us - Example 1: Direct to Success
Phase 2 - Bonus - About Us - Example 2: Clothing
Phase 2 - Bonus - Feeling Less Weird Saying Your Elevator Pitch
Phase 3 - Storyteller
What "Engagement" means in real life
How Storytelling Impacts Your Body & Mind
Step 1: The Matter at Hand
Step 2: Cultivate the Tone
Step 3: Paint the Canvas
Step 4: Call them Home
>> Conducting a Peer Review
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But I'm Really Boring... No One Cares What I Have to Say
>> Step 1 - What are you going to talk about? - Brainstorm Your Topic
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>> Step 2 - How are you going to make people feel
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>> Step 3 - Telling them the story - Painting the Canvas
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Step 4 - Your Call to Action
Storytelling Wrapup
Phase 4 - Pro-Animator
Stories we tell ourselves About Video
>> Record Some Videos
Equipment You (MIGHT) Want
Types of Marketing Videos
>> Your First Video
>> Create Your Video
>> Premiere Your Video
>> Create a Video in 10 Minutes or Less
Phase 4 - Are you a Pro Animator?
Bonus - Phase 4 - Requesting Reviews
Phase 5 - Live Streamer
>> Planning a Successful Live
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Planning Your Live Event
Attracting an Audience
15-Second Promo Videos
Using the Alton Brown Rule in Social Media
Creating Content for your Live/Page/Group
Practice makes Perfect
>> Conquering your Fear - Introductory Video
You're Streaming Now!
Bonus - Phase 5 - What if the trolls come?
Bonus - Phase 5 - E-Mail Templates for your Live Event
BONUS - Phase 5 - Promotional Activities for Live Sales
Schedule for the Sale Event
Things to Talk About
Promotional Content Worksheet
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Implementation Week
Creating Your Calendar
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Control your Business
Plan to Succeed - Don't Plan to Feel Bad About Yourself
5 Hour Piggy Backing Plan
Step-by-Step Content Calendar Instructions
Phase 6 - Facebook Ad Hero
Customer: First Contact
Overview of the Process
>> Building Your First Ad
>> Placement & Budget
>> Selecting Ad Content
>> Follow Up Videos
What is a Carousel Ad and how do you use one?
Components of a Conversion Carousel Ad
Carousel Ad - A Case Study
>> Create your Carousel Ad - Content
>> Create your Carousel Ad - Facebook
Bonus - Add Products to Your Store
Bonus - Using the Facebook Store if You're a Direct Seller
BONUS - Ross Approved! PIVOT!
Who will buy your products and why?
Are you Showing them it's a Love Connection?
Are you writing for engagement or to check something off a list?
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Is ANYONE watching your videos?
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Lets not throw away money
Bonus - Design Your Customer
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Bonus - Converting to Sales
Bonus - What about the 80/20 Rule
Bonus - #powertools for keeping people interested
Bonus - How long Should Posts Be?
Bonus - Posts are More than Just Graphics
Bonus - Storytelling E-Book.pdf
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Bonus - Using the Anchor Post Strategy
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