Phase 2 - Map Maker

In an online world, you need an online space for your customers to find you. Websites are awesome, but tough because it’s hard to get noticed in the sea of choices out there. To combat that saturation, you can use social media to attract your customer’s attention and funnel them to your website. This is why I start with building your Facebook business page – because with over 2 billion users, it can’t be beat in the numbers game. 

There are two components to a business page. Structure and Content. The structure is a straightforward process that can be built in a couple of hours using resources in the bonus materials for this training. The content however, takes time, effort, and expertise, and that's where most of us get stuck - "What should I say?"
Noted networking expert, Bob Burg said in his book, Endless Referrals, “All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to people they know, like and trust.” Before you can hope to convince page viewers to buy from you, they must know, like, and trust you. 

When potential customers first arrive at your business page, 98%+ won’t buy from you, and most of them aren't even interested in buying from you, any more than you would the first time you visit a brand new product website. Which raises a question: if they don't want to buy, then why are they there?

Most of us visit a new product page because we're curious. So are they. They want to know what you're all about. They’ll stay for 10 seconds at most to check you out before you lose them. This means that you have 10 seconds to capture their attention and keep them scrolling. Think about how that changes your perspective. 

Your page isn’t designed to convince them to shop – it’s designed to keep them from leaving. 

In this week we’ll dive into the 10-Second Influencers that impact those critical moments and you’ll write the content that will become your about section for your Facebook Business Page and  your website, and your elevator pitch

A word of warning

This section is where we start to write a lot more, so if you feel overwhelmed or like you’re falling behind, don’t worry about finishing everything all the way. I always struggle when I work on content like this, so I developed a strategy that I use to this day. My BRA strategy (Yes, I really do) and I used it to write this document and all the others in this series. 

  1. Brain Dump. Sit down and write everything you can think of. Don’t worry if you think it sounds stupid, or no one will want to read it, or if it has grammatical errors. No one will ever see this but you. 
  2. Rest your Mind. Give yourself a break from writing and do a dopamine exercise. 
  3. Assessment: Then go back in and start to whittle it down. It takes me 2-3 editing sessions before I feel like I’m in a space where I would be willing to show it if someone asked. But I wouldn’t consider it perfect. 

As you're going through the exercises in this phase don't forget that done is better than perfect . Get as much as you can done, and post the content or submit it to the group for peer review. The group is here to help you through the roadblocks you encounter, so feel free to take advantage of it. I found that my best work comes when I share it with others to be critiqued, since often I am too close to my writing to look at it without a bias. 

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Phase 2 - Map Maker
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