Phase 4 - Pro-Animator

Consumption of video content is increasing by leaps and bounds, with over 68% of users preferring to learn about a product through short videos and will watch them even if they know that it's an ad.  You’ll have better luck inserting your content into their regular social media use than you will trying to change the way they engage with social media altogether.

Over the next 3 weeks you're going to make 3 videos that you can use as content for your page, and later incorporate into an advertising funnel to warm your audience.  If you’ve never done video before this can sound scary, but bottom line is this: if you're not creating video content then you're losing money. Your competitors already have tons of video content, your audience expects it, and there’s no better way to bring new customers in. 

Frequency of Video Content

At the moment, don't worry about how often you need to create video or go live, we're going to talk about that in more detail in Phase 5. For now, lets talk about some of the mindset issues business owners face when it comes to video content. 

Audio Narration for This Segment

Phase 4 - Pro-Animator
Stories we tell ourselves About Video
>> Record Some Videos
Equipment You (MIGHT) Want
Types of Marketing Videos
>> Your First Video
>> Create Your Video
>> Premiere Your Video
>> Create a Video in 10 Minutes or Less
Phase 4 - Are you a Pro Animator?
Bonus - Phase 4 - Requesting Reviews