Phase 5 - Live Streamer

We’ve reached the point now where it’s time to try your hand at a live broadcast. There’s a lot of discomfort with going live, for many of us, its simply not a natural experience. When we were growing up, our lives didn’t include documenting every minute of our day, so it doesn’t come naturally to us. I thought it was an insane thing to do when someone suggested that I go live for my business. Going live wasn’t for me – it was for the video game streamers I watched online, influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers, and little children who like to open toys on YouTube. It wasn’t for middle aged, female, gamers

But little did I know – that’s exactly who it’s for. 

How many people do you see on social media that you can relate to? What about 2 years ago? Was there anyone that you related to on social media then? Normal women with something to contribute are woefully underrepresented on social media, yet we are a huge chunk of the demographic on Facebook. We're looking for community, but there's no one out there creating it for us. Someone needs to step up and create a space for women like us: looking for community, but way too busy to go out and find one. That person is you. And the best way to do that, is through live content. But first, lets get one pre-conception out of the way. 

Going Live doesn't Always mean Live Sales

Sales are a way to use the tool, but that's not the only way. We aren't going to cover how to sell live in this bootcamp. You can use Facebook live events to sell, but even those lives need to have some other purpose besides simply selling, or they will not be well attended. For the purposes of this bootcamp, I'm going to show you the technique that you can then use for all of your future live events as you see fit, regardless of their purpose. 

You can use live streaming for tons of other content:
  • Product Demos
  • Fireside chats
  • Playing a board game with your kids
  • How-To Videos
  • Instructional
  • Q&A
To get you comfortable with live streaming for reasons other than selling, we're going to focus on creating a how to/informational video for your product. 

Audio Narration 

Phase 5 - Live Streamer
>> Planning a Successful Live
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Planning Your Live Event
Attracting an Audience
15-Second Promo Videos
Using the Alton Brown Rule in Social Media
Creating Content for your Live/Page/Group
Practice makes Perfect
>> Conquering your Fear - Introductory Video
You're Streaming Now!
Bonus - Phase 5 - What if the trolls come?
Bonus - Phase 5 - E-Mail Templates for your Live Event