BONUS - Phase 5 - Promotional Activities for Live Sales

This method only works if you have specific sales days for your business. Note that with this strategy, you must designate ONE live each week as your signature live sale event. This strategy will not work if applied to all live sales. 

Step 1: Logistics (1 hour)

Length of time this task will take: 1 hour
When you should do it: 14 days prior
  1. Identify Sale day 
  2. Select Sale time (keep it consistent across weeks unless you’re testing out new times)
  3. What will you sell on that day (whatever it is, do not show that product for the week prior – make sure its new or newish product)
  4. Giveaway idea (if any)
If you want to know where you should host your event, I would do your first one in your group since it’s a safe space for you to learn, and then if there were any particularly entertaining bits, extract those and put them in a folder for hyping up your future events. Hyping will occur mostly on your business page, sales will occur mostly in your group. 

Step 2: 

Length of time this task will take: 2-3 hours
When you should do it: 10 days prior
I recommend setting aside a few hours with no work or family distractions if possible so that you can maintain your flow of thought for this segment. If that’s not possible, then work one line at a time, taking a break between each for distractions.
  1. What will you need to order/make to have inventory in time for the sales event, if any?
  2. Will you play a game (an interactive game they can participate in)?
  3. Create a Schedule breakdown for your sale 
  4. Book the Childcare, babysitter, etc. Or will you have your family/kids as part of the show
  5. Topics of conversation – make a list based off your target audience

Step 3: Advertising 

Length of time this task will take: 2-3 hours
When you should do it: 7 days prior

Schedule 2 posts per day on your social media channels. General topic ideas can be from the list below, with no more than one topic per post. You can double or triple up on any of them. (Time Saving Tip: Write all of these at once and schedule them in your group). Use sneak peeks, highlights, testimonials from clients, snippets or pictures from previous live sales, topical photos, polls, etc. 
  1. Product 
  2. Value
  3. Entertainment
  4. Topics of conversation
  5. Games
  6. Giveaways
  7. Exclusivity

Remember to use keywords (on Facebook) and appropriate hashtags (on Instagram) for your target audience in each post. 

Cover Photo
Update your cover photo. Include the DATE, TIME, LOCATION, and use VALUE ADD words that highlight the PAIN POINT your product solves for your customers. Remember! This is being broadcast as an event, the sales will just be a part of it. 

Paid Advertising
Generally, I don’t recommend paying for reach. The ad manager often has great numbers, but that doesn’t mean great conversion unless you know exactly who your target audience is, what their pain points are, and how to convert them to shoppers. But, if your product is demonstrably a high demand item (L.O.L dolls, Tickle Me Elmo, Harry Potter, Disney, etc.) that everyone wants, then your shoppers are fanatic shoppers. For them, simply creating an ad and targeting works. 

Step 4: The Day of the Event

Change your cover photo to let everyone know the event day is here. Include one or two key points about the event this evening (Not just sales, what game are you playing, what’s the giveaway, etc.). 

Posting throughout the day
Depending on when your live is scheduled for, you may have time for a few additional posts today. The lifecycle of a post is ~ 5 hours; maximum engagement is reached at about 2.5 hours. Space your engagement posts every 2-3 hours during the day. Post wall drops and featured items in between the engagement posts. You can use this as a model:
  • 9:00AM: Cover Change, First Engagement Post
  • 9:30-12Noon: Wall Drops Every 15 minutes
  • 12Noon: Second Engagement Post
  • 12:30-3:00PM: Wall Drops Every 15 minutes
  • 3:00PM: Second Engagement Post
  • 3:30-6:00PM EST: Wall Drops Every 15 minutes
  • And so on until your sale. 

It is not necessary to do wall drops every 15 minutes during this time unless you want to, but that’s the optimum time for people who are online at the time of the engagement post to see your sales and will give people who engaged on your engagement post the highest chance of seeing your sales content. 
BONUS - Phase 5 - Promotional Activities for Live Sales
Schedule for the Sale Event
Things to Talk About
Promotional Content Worksheet
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