Phase 1 - Audience Auditor

Let’s get this show on the road (pun intended) and talk about the lifeblood of your business – your customers! In this week’s module you’ll learn how knowing your customer will save you hours of wasted indecision time in the future. 

This phase can get overwhelming quickly, and there is a potential rabbit hole when figuring out your customer, but always remember that the goal for the roadmap is to keep things simple. It’s very easy to come up with ideas that overcomplicate this exercise but for the purposes of this lesson, all you need is a general understanding of who wants to buy your products.

Done is better than perfect.

You can spend months figuring out your exactly correct audience, but while you’re doing that, your customers are looking for your help and aren’t finding it, because you haven’t built your business, so they’re moving on. The goal for the lessons in this course is to get it close enough – more than halfway. You can always come back later and redo or improve upon it when your business is up and running. But, what you’re more likely to find though is that more than halfway was more than good enough. This is because

Perfection is the enemy of progress. 

When you go through the exercise for this phase or any others, if you feel like you’re getting caught up or need a break, take one. Go outside, run around with your kids, do some yoga, walk the dog, take a nap, do some housework – do anything other than this exercise. Then, once you've had time to reset your brain, come back to the exercise and see what pops out. 

Audio Narrative - Your Customer

This audio covers Terminology, and learning about your customers. 
Phase 1 - Audience Auditor
Terminology for your Customers
>> Lets talk about where you fit into your customers life!
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Well isn't that Special?
>> Building Your Unicorn Factor
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The FOUR ways your customers find you
Getting the Information Straight from your Customer's Mouth
>> Asking the questions - or the great, powerful, and terrifying, market research survey
>>Where to post your Survey for Responses
Phase 1 - Audience Auditor: Quiz
Phase 1 - Bonus - UVP Examples
Phase 1 - Bonus - Market Research Mistakes to Avoid
Phase 1 - Bonus - Tips for a Successful Market Survey