Implementation Week

There's a time to work and there's a time to plan. This coming week is memorial day, so we're going to take a break from any new content creation. However, just because we're taking it easy on the learning department, doesn't mean you're going to stop working on building your business altogether. This week you're going to focus on the following activities: 

Live Content + Hyping

In Phase 5 you scheduled your live for sometime this week, and created all your posts for engagement for this week already. Be sure to engage on the posts that you scheduled, be present, and go live on your designated date.  Head over to the thread in the group for this purpose, let us know how it went! How do you feel? What did you learn?

Catching Up

The other coaches and I are here this week, so if you're using this time to catch up, feel free to post your exercises to the wall and one of us will take a look. This is a great time for you to head back to any of the phases you had questions about or felt like you didn't get to complete as well as you would like to, and check them out again.

Make special note of the posts and content that initially you thought was OK, but you could have made it better. Ask yourself if you care as much about that particular piece of content now that a few days/weeks have passed. Remember that the intense desire to make sure a post or an image is perfect is in that moment only, a day or so later, it doesn't matter anymore. Once you start to recognize that "perfectionism" is a pretty quickly passing feeling, it will get easier for you to produce and be happy with work that is 75% done.

BUT, if you do feel like you still need to fix it. Go ahead, rewrite it and schedule it for about 4-6 weeks from now, now you have built in, ready made content! This can be a practice you get in to, which will help you pre-create tons of content.


The last action item for this week is to create the skeleton of a content calendar for a full month.

Don't panic. It's not as hard as it sounds! In fact, when you see how fast it is, you just might start looking forward to your monthly planning sessions.

Though it's all well and good for us to want to pre-schedule all of our posts for months out into the future, in practice, it's tough to get that system going. And so we often don't do it.

Because in our minds, we feel like scheduling content out for a month is an all or nothing exercise. Either we schedule everything out, fully written, or we don't.

But what if there was a 3rd option? What if instead of scheduling out every post in Facebook, you create a skeleton outline for your month, basic post ideas, and schedule your sales and educational lives once a month at the beginning and then fill in the content details the week before. That accomplishes two goals

  1. You don't have to worry about what you're going to post every day because you know that you already have the system in place
  2. You build a system that forces you to create consistency, which we all know is the social media magic bullet
So without further ado, lets start scheduling. 
Implementation Week
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