Design Your Day With Purpose by Minessa Konecky

Design Your Day With Purpose

If you feel overwhelmed, and aren't sure how on earth to get your entire business in order with all these moving parts, get your ducks in a row by reframing your entire approach to your business 

What's included?

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Conquer Your Calendar Webinar
About the Course
Conquer Your Calendar - Final Webinar
2019 Reclaim Your Schedule.pdf
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Social Media Accountability Card.pdf
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Redesigning Your Schedule
Task vs. Time Management
I'm The Reason I'm not Getting Anything Done
Your Productivity Muscle
How to Prioritize
Planner Training
Using a Planner

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I'm Minessa! I'm a business strategist, marketer, social media expert & an efficiency junkie. Businesswomen hire me when they feel like their lives have been taken over by work. Working with me you'll learn hacks that make tech and social do the heavy lifting for you, so you can get back to making money while living the life of freedom you started your business for in the first place. Obsessed with: the 80s and 90s, mindfulness, puppies, and the MCU.