Facebook Business Page Diagnosis by Minessa Konecky

Facebook Business Page Diagnosis

You don't have a lot of time...

users will decide within 10 seconds whether they want to stay on your page or not.

I’m serious! Studies show that the first 10 seconds are the most crucial! After that you have less than 1 minute to capture someone’s attention before they leave. It’s called your “Bounce Rate,” and for most direct sellers, you probably don’t even know it’s happening, or why! This can be frustrating and anxiety provoking because there’s no way for you to fix the problem if you don’t even know why it’s happening.

What's included?

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Make the Most of that Time..

Why You Need to Set your Business Page up Right!
10-Second Influencers
Profile Photo
Cover Photo
Gaining Your Prospect's Trust
Social Proof
About You
Wrapping it Up!
Call to Action
Structure & Conclusion

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