Roadmap to Success - Fall 2019! by Minessa Konecky

Roadmap to Success - Fall 2019!

A simple, step-by-step approach to using Facebook to grow your business. With the accountability to keep you on track. Sign up below to learn more about how you can stop just learning, and start doing. 

A game changing question for home-based businesswomen ready to start growing their followers and income.

What’s the difference between a woman who has a thriving business, an engaged customer base, and enough time to spend with her kids….

… and a business that’s over before it starts, earning barely enough money to keep the doors open, much less paying for soccer or dance lessons?

If you guessed...

how much engagement you create on your various social media channels, you’d be wrong. 

…how many times you go live in a week, you’d be wrong. 

…how many hours you spent working instead of tucking the kids to bed because it’s only a little while longer, and then it’ll be worth it, you’d be wrong there too. 

Ultimately its not the hours you put in, or how good you are at getting your audience to tell you how you met in a GIF that determines your success as a small home based business owner. 

Successful businesses of any size rely on technology to do the heavy lifting for them.

If you want to get out of the rut you're in, and finally start seeing some forward momentum in your business then you need to set up systems that work for you while you're sleeping, so you finally feel like you can take a break.

But lets face it – when you’re trying your hardest to just get that one extra sale each day, there’s not a lot of time to learn how to even get started. It’s not that its easier to do all the hard work on your own, it’s just that it's currently the path of least resistance, and you’re too tired to find another way. 

Let's make 2019 the year that changed your business

You know the problem. You're trying to do "all of the things." You're exhausted, all the things aren't working, and you're ready to try something else. But you aren't sure what "something else" looks like. 

I've been there, my friend. 

By the time I considered  hiring a coach, I was near the end of my rope. I had  passion and grit for my business, and I wasn’t afraid of hard work, I just didn’t know what steps to take or which direction to go in. 

Use proven tools & techniques to grow and sustain your business.

Customers keep the business engine running, without them, we’re dead in the water. A thriving business has a pipeline of customers that are picked up and nurtured by the systems you set up. You don’t need to spend all day looking for new customers – you’ll learn how to make the algorithm do the work for you. 

Use market research to stop chasing people to get them to buy from you. You’ll identify your customers’ needs and use that information to influence them to convert to your next loyal shopper

Algorithm proof your business by unlocking the secrets of social media engagement. Learn how to resurrect a dead page and start getting those reactions and comments by using my 4-step storytelling system that delivers results. 

You don't have to take my word for it....

As soon as I finished watching all of your videos, the puzzle pieces starting clicking into place. The matrix is coming into focus! Now that I know what to post where on Facebook, I can see how to work my other funnels into my strategy.  I'm so excited to use what I've learned in your course to grow my business. 
Brandy Snow
Minessa has an amazing way to speak my brain language. She calms my anxiety in business, this is not and easy task. You will feel like she is taking you by the hand to create a successful business and she truly wants you to succeed
Tiffany Tag

You deserve to be the owner of a business that brings in reliable and sustainable income

For me, taking control of my marketing was one of the most empowering steps I ever took as a business owner. Learning to use Facebook as an attraction and conversion tool was game changing, and finally gave me the opportunity to stop working every waking moment of the day. 

It was exciting to approach my business with questions like, “how can I make an impact on the world today?” rather than, “How can I get through the day without all the caffeine in the world?”  

Freedom is when your sales pipeline opens for business!

It’s the kind of freedom that allows you to truly achieve the work/life balance that you’ve been looking for and eliminates the guilt that you feel when you take a moment to sit on the couch with your kids and leave your phone in the other room. 

Your phone doesn’t have to hold you hostage. You can and will be able to put it down and focus on the important things in life – like puppies and birthday parties.
Most coaching programs show you the button clicks it takes to build retail business, but like you, I was looking for something a bit different. We're looking for a guide to help figure out what to say, to whom, and when.

Enter the Roadmap to Success -
a 6-week program designed to walk you through the entire process of content creation for your marketing funnel and solve the “what should I talk about,” problem once and for all. 

This program is broken up into 6 Active Phases spanning 6 weeks, and then  a Bonus phase that you'll engage in as needed. Don't waste the next year trying to figure out how Facebook's new change is going to impact you. Innoculate yourself against those changes using systems designed to lean into their stated future plans. 
 You’ll learn the tools to identify exactly how your product impacts your customer’s life, and strategies to share that information with them so that they're as excited about your product as you are

  1. Who is your customer and what do they care about?
  2. Target the key attributes of your product that your customers need, so that they come looking for you
  3. Craft your elevator pitch in a way that will have them asking for more. 
Nothing is more frustrating than creating a beautiful business page, posting your amazing products, and seeing zero traction. Time to focus on your customer's journey when they arrive at your page, and position your most powerful content at the crucial moments. 

  1. Identify your unicorn factor to keep your prospects interested in you and the problem you solve for them. 
  2. Create and distribute a market research survey so that you can learn all about your audience and use language that will tap into their need for your product. 
  3. Complete your “About” section that can be used in your business page, sales page, and any other replicated website. 
Crickets! You’re so sick of the bleeping crickets. Sometimes you even post what you know is engagement bait just to see if your group is still alive! (Guilty) With my signature 4-Step storytelling technique you can get meaningful engagement without resorting to gimmicks and tricks.

  1. Craft content that will put your post in front of the right eyeballs. 
  2. Use peer and self reviews to identify exactly why posts don't work, and how to fix them. 
  3. Plan for your content so that you aren't constantly scrambling to find things to talk about. 
Video content will be 82% of content consumed by 2020, and as Facebook starts to make good on Mark Zuckerberg's promise for change, it will continue to be an  influential part of the social media landscape. And you know short slideshows of moving GIFs aren't going to cut it for long.

  1. Staging your space for video (without spending a dime)
  2. Critical components of marketing videos and how to make them
  3. Save time with repurposing strategies
  4. Using Facebook Premiere for engagement instead of Facebook Live
By this point you are way more confident in your social media presence than you’d ever thought you’d be, and we’re going to use that newfound confidence to get you on camera. Live broadcasts are the most effective way of building your reputation and growing your business, and I want you to be ready and excited to do it. 

  1. Planning a live experience from start to finish
  2. Making sure people show up to your live events
  3. Using proven techniques to conquer your fear of being on camera
  4. Keeping your cool when trolls invade your space
Create a repeatable ad funnel that consistently warms up cool audiences and use that foundation to create a pool of prospects primed for buying. This is where the magic happens – the culmination of all your hard work. Step-by-step instructions to keep your marketing momentum on track.

  1. Identifying key components of Facebook ads, and what to include. 
  2. Determine at the outset what your budget for ads are using your goals as guidelines
  3. Use the ad type that has proven 20-30% higher conversion rates
This BONUS section will be available for you to reference whenever you need to as you build your content strategy. What no one tells you when you leave their courses is that no matter how good your content is, it’s not going to hit on the first try.

You're going to need to know how to troubleshoot.

  1. Identify critical metrics in your marketing that telegraph the health of your strategy. 
  2. Use the walk through to determine the phase in the road map that will help you
  3. Adapt and pivot with data and strategy, not drama and anxiety. 
  4. Grow your business effectively, not through random acts of marketing

Sami Smith

Small business owner, mom, avid crocheter, and owner at Sami's Purple Lemon Shoppe.

"I have everything planned out, everything for my entire quarter ready to go."

"I swear you guys, every single penny that I have spent with Minessa has been worthwhile. Minessa has never steered me wrong. You will always find exactly what you need from her trainings."

Sami has seen her reach and engagement grow since implementing strategies she learned. Not only that, she's enjoying the process. Running a business is fun again, instead of constant stress and worrying all the time. Which is exactly where the roadmap started....

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💚 Follow up with your customers using template emails included.

💚 Reset your relationship with your business with the Mindset Makeover!



👋Hey! I’m Minessa Konecky, A business strategist committed to providing you with a system to run a successful online business that doesn’t overwhelm you with “all of the things” all of the time.

Over the last 10 years I've worked with thousands of business owners to help them grow their profits and achieve lasting freedom. Say goodbye to overwhelm, confusion, & endless options and choices, and say hello to a new approach. It's time for you to GROW YOUR BUSINESS #HUSTLEFREE


I heard that the Facebook newsfeed is going to go bye bye, will this help me then?

With Mark Zuckerberg completely backing away from the whole newsfeed idea, its definitely scary to think that there may be a time where Facebook wont be central to our lives. But the good news is that even if Facebook is gone, the philosophies we talk about in this course will apply across the board. We’re focusing on marketing principles here, not the individual tools – though we do use Facebook as our representative example. These philosophies can be applied anywhere on any platform – they are based on how we engage with each other as people, and focus more on relationships building for long term success than immediate sales that satisfy in the short term only. 

Is this just a bundle of all your previous courses?

Though the topics we’re covering are similar, this is unlike any other course I’ve ever created. The Marketing for Direct Sellers course and the Social Strategy Squad are designed to allow you to work at your own pace, you can pick up the content at any time and take however long you’d like to complete it. It works best for self-starters or people who want to grow their business at a more measured pace. But even self-starters need help sometimes. Like me. I get shit done, but a few years ago I realized that as much as I wanted to do it on my own, I wasn’t, and I needed someone to not only train me as a marketing expert, but a coach who would be a hard taskmaster and keep me on track. So I signed up for Rebecca Tracey’s course. She impressed upon me an alternative way of learning, deadline oriented, and speed focused. Since this course is designed to be fast, many of the philosophies have been reworked for that purpose. 

Speaking of accountability, how do you keep us on target?

Accountability is a two way street, and if you want to get something done fast, there’s no better way. Everyone is accountable to different things, so in order to ensure that everyone was represented there are 4 different accountability tools in place to keep you on track. 

  1. 2x weekly coaching calls where you can bring your questions for the week’s training. Knowing you only have this time to bring up your concerns will keep you on target. 
  2. #minisquads of 2-4 students to help brainstorm ideas and workshop marketing strategies
  3. A Facebook group moderated by me and 2 other coaches to help with any day to day questions you have. 
  4. Quizzes at the end of each module to confirm that you covered the minimum required content to move forward. 

You can participate in as many or as few of the accountability exercises as you’d like, keeping in mind the more accountable you are, the higher your likelihood of success. 

This is a lot of stuff; do you think I can even do this?

Here’s the thing, this is totally a lot of content and I’m going to ask a lot of you in this bootcamp. You’re going to do things you haven’t before, and its going to feel a bit uncomfortable. You’ll probably scream and yell a bit about what a pain in the ass I am, but I made a commitment to you, and it’s one I take very seriously. 

I’ll provide you with the content, but you need to do the work. And when it’s over, you’ll have product you can be proud of. And as long as you commit to devoting time each week to the lessons, use the resources provided to you for support, and reach out if you need help, you can totally do this. 

Nothing good comes easy unfortunately, we’ve all learned that the hard way. And you’re a small businesswoman, you’re not afraid of hard work, and you’re willing to put in the effort. I’ll bet you’re already burning the candle at both ends and feeling burned out. You’ll need to make sure that during this week, everything you do is targeted towards this training. 

What other courses will I need to buy to get my business running?

To get your business up and running, you won’t need anything else. If you want to learn other things like Instagram and how to run vendor events, you’re definitely going to need other courses. But in terms of setting up your business page, finding your audience, creating a pipeline of customers through organic and paid advertising, this is all you’ll need. 

Here’s what you will need to do though. You’ll need to block off time to APPLY what you’ve learned (and there’s quite a bit that can be applied right away), so that you can start to experiment while the course is still going. 

How technical is this course?

Well we are talking about social media so there is going to be some element of technology involved. But I’ve spent a lot of time taking big projects and breaking them down into smaller, manageable chunks. You will learn how to make a video using a new piece of online software, but I picked the one with the shortest time to production, since the end goal is to save your time. As long as you invest the time necessary, watch the videos, and take advantage of the resources provided to you, you’re going to be fine. 

Do I get immediate access to all the modules?

When you sign up, you’ll receive access to the pre-launch information that you can use to learn how the course is structured. We’ll get some housekeeping out of the way, and let you know what you can expect in a little more detail. 

Once the course launches on 04/20, you will receive access to one module a week (except for the Video week in May). The rollout schedule is very specific to allow ample time for you to complete the activities for one module before moving onto another. Small business owners are ambitious, excited, and tend to love to take on big projects that usually end up laying unfinished in a Google drive. This will protect your time, and ensure the highest chance of success. 

What level of ad experience do I need?

You don’t need any prior experience at all, we’re going to go over the absolute basics in this training and put together a single ad sequence to warm up your customers that you can recreate over and over again. If you have had ad experience in the past, then that is fantastic, so you may be tempted to try running ads that you’ve learned from other training courses. We’re going to ask that you focus on this ad sequence, so that you can learn how it’s done, at least for the duration of the course. 

What's included?

File Icon 15 files Text Icon 75 text files

What you'll Find in the Course

How Much Time Will it Take?
Phase Release Schedule
How the Course is Structured
90% to Success
When You're Feeling Overwhelmed
How this will help with the 2019 Facebook Changes
>> Crucial Step! Different Types of Activities
Module 0 - Welcome & Introduction
Phase 1 - Audience Auditor
Terminology for your Customers
>> Where do you fit into your customers life?
249 KB
Well isn't that Special?
The FOUR ways your customers find you
Getting the Information Straight from your Customer's Mouth
>> Asking the questions - or the great, powerful, and terrifying, market research survey
>>Where to post your Survey for Responses
Phase 1 - Audience Auditor: Quiz
>> Building Your Unicorn Factor
289 KB
Phase 1 - Bonus - UVP Examples
Phase 1 - Bonus - Market Research Mistakes to Avoid
Phase 1 - Bonus - Tips for a Successful Market Survey
Phase 2 - Map Maker
Please don't go - Your 10-Second Influencers and why they matter
Telling Your Customer about You by Talking about Solving Their Problems
Your Customer's Brain Algorithm
>> Time to put pen to paper in your Autobiography: The Marketing Version
254 KB
>> Writing Your Elevator Pitch
222 KB
Phase 2 - Map Maker: Quiz
Phase 2 - Bonus - About Us - Example 1: Direct to Success
Phase 2 - Bonus - About Us - Example 2: Clothing
Phase 2 - Bonus - Feeling Less Weird Saying Your Elevator Pitch
Phase 3 - Storyteller
What "Engagement" means in real life
How Storytelling Impacts Your Body & Mind
Step 1: The Matter at Hand
Step 2: Cultivate the Tone
Step 3: Paint the Canvas
Step 4: Call them Home
>> Conducting a Peer Review
196 KB
But I'm Really Boring... No One Cares What I Have to Say
>> Step 1 - What are you going to talk about? - Brainstorm Your Topic
197 KB
>> Step 2 - How are you going to make people feel
197 KB
>> Step 3 - Telling them the story - Painting the Canvas
168 KB
Step 4 - Your Call to Action
Storytelling Wrapup
Phase 4 - Pro-Animator
>> Record Some Videos
Stories we tell ourselves About Video
Equipment You (MIGHT) Want
Types of Marketing Videos
>> Your First Video
>> Create Your Video
>> Premiere Your Video
>> Create a Video in 10 Minutes or Less
Phase 4 - Are you a Pro Animator?
Bonus - Phase 4 - Requesting Reviews
Phase 5 - Live Streamer
Planning Your Live Event
Attracting an Audience
15-Second Promo Videos
Using the Alton Brown Rule in Social Media
Creating Content for your Live/Page/Group
Practice makes Perfect
>> Conquering your Fear - Introductory Video
You're Streaming Now!
Bonus - Phase 5 - What if the trolls come?
>> Planning a Successful Live
146 KB
Bonus - Phase 5 - E-Mail Templates for your Live Event
BONUS - Phase 5 - Promotional Activities for Live Sales
Things to Talk About
Schedule for the Sale Event
Implementation Week
Control your Business
Plan to Succeed - Don't Plan to Feel Bad About Yourself
5 Hour Piggy Backing Hack
Step-by-Step Content Calendar Instructions
Creating Your Calendar
122 KB
Phase 6 - Facebook Ad Hero
Customer: First Contact
Overview of the Process
>> Building Your First Ad
>> Placement & Budget
>> Selecting Ad Content
>> Follow Up Videos
What is a Carousel Ad and how do you use one?
Components of a Conversion Carousel Ad
Carousel Ad - A Case Study
>> Create your Carousel Ad - Content
>> Create your Carousel Ad - Facebook
Bonus - Add Products to Your Store
Bonus - Using the Facebook Store if You're a Direct Seller
BONUS - Ross Approved! PIVOT!
Who will buy your products and why?
Are you Showing them it's a Love Connection?
Are you writing for engagement or to check something off a list?
884 KB
Is ANYONE watching your videos?
18.3 KB
Lets not throw away money
Bonus - Converting to Sales
Bonus - What about the 80/20 Rule
Bonus - #powertools for keeping people interested
Bonus - How long Should Posts Be?
Bonus - Posts are More than Just Graphics
Bonus - Using the Anchor Post Strategy
347 KB
Bonus - Design Your Customer
117 KB
Bonus - Storytelling E-Book.pdf
886 KB