LIMITED: Spring into Action: Your Q2 Planning Summit! (Recording) by Minessa Konecky

LIMITED: Spring into Action: Your Q2 Planning Summit! (Recording)

Power planning for making your Q2 2019 your best one yet!

How do small businesses become big businesses?

By communicating with their finance, customer service, product delivery, departments. CEOs also have regular board meetings with their department heads to assess the current state of the business and make plans for the quarter. 

Now, we’re all small business owners, and our accounting, finance, service, and shipping departments are me, myself, and I, so we usually skip over things like that. 
That's a big problem. Because it means that you could be making a fortune, or losing a fortune, and you wouldn't know about it.

I want to help with that. I'll set up your board meeting, and bring my 25 years of experience with me to a workshop intended to help keep you on top of growing your business with strategic activities, while also keeping up with maintaining your business by selling, customer prospecting, etc.

If you know that you're not going to sit down and take a day work through your finances on your own, or build a customer retention plan - then this is the course you don't want to miss out on. 

What to Expect

This training was conducted on 03/16 via webinar. There is a support group where I am available to guide anyone who purchases this program until 03/31. All of the video trainings are available in the Facebook group (including the storytelling bonus content!) which you will have access to for life!

And, if you're looking for some 1:1 coaching time, you will have the ability to book coaching appointments with me with a much more discounted rate!


👋Hey! I’m Minessa Konecky, A business strategist committed to providing you with a system to run a successful online business that doesn’t overwhelm you with “all of the things” all of the time.

Over the last 10 years I've worked with thousands of business owners to help them grow their profits and achieve lasting freedom. Say goodbye to overwhelm, confusion, & endless options and choices, and say hello to a new approach. It's time for you to GROW YOUR BUSINESS #HUSTLEFREE