Creativity is King (MDS230) by Minessa Konecky

Creativity is King (MDS230)

What You Say on Social Media is Only Half the Battle!

You also need to know HOW to say it.

Have you ever asked someone with high engagement what they do to get those reactions? Usually they’ll say, “Oh, it’s easy, I just talk about insert topic of conversation here.”  

So you get excited, you go home, and you write a post about the same topic of conversation, and….crickets.  

It can be hard not to take that kind of thing personally.

The truth is though, after reviewing and workshopping hundreds of posts, I’ve learned that it’s not always about the topic you write about, but about the images you select, and the language you choose. It’s about evoking an emotion. 

What's included?

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What You Get!

Overview of Marketing for Direct Sellers (MDS)
Videos (Index)
Paid vs. Organic Reach
Writing the Copy for Your Posts
Images & Graphics
Using Video
Paid vs. Organic Reach (Transcript)
Writing the Copy for Your Posts (Transcript)
Images & Graphics (Transcript)
Using Video (Transcript)
Handouts & Supporting Documentation
Handouts and Supporting Documentation

But You Don't Have to Take My Word For It....

Minessa helped me find the confidence to do the hard work to identify who I am, what my strengths are, and to own my awesome!
AmyLee Westervelt
Minessa ignited a feeling within me to do my business my way and define my own success
Jan Henson Belcher
Minessa provides so much more than traditional business mentoring, I cannot thank her enough for having such an impact on my business. 
Carolyn Bell

Making People Feel Something is Tough

But once you know the tricks, it becomes second nature.  

Because here’s the thing. Our brains are wired to respond to specific words, sounds, images, colors, fonts, in a very specific way. When we see squares we feel stable and strong, and the color red makes us feel powerful and passionate.

When you see an image with a person in it, if that person is looking straight at the camera and smiling, you feel invited and welcome, eyes down and glanced away suggests shame or embarrassment. These are the little things that can influence how someone feels when they read your posts.    


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