Reclaim Your Schedule by Minessa Konecky

Reclaim Your Schedule

That's all it'll take for you to take control of your life back from....
  • Your To Do List that keeps getting longer and longer
  • The grind of social media posting, selling, and engaging with questionable ROI
  • Doing all of the things

3 Simple Steps to Finding More Time in Your Day

At the height of my frustration, I was working from the moment I woke up until long after everyone else went to bed, but I always felt behind. Like no matter how fast I ran, I was still never going to catch up to everything I needed to get done. It was demoralizing, depressing, defeating, and all those other de- words that mean I feel bad about myself. 

One day, I decided I'd had enough. Clearly what I was doing wasn't working. I wasn't making the money I wanted, and I was miserable. Something had to change.  I had to be the one to change it for myself. And I did that using this exact system I'm sharing with you in this 3-Step challenge.  

3-Step Challenge

STEP 1: Mindfulness

You never have to wonder what you actually did in a day again. We start by using mindfulness and idenfity what you really spend your time on 

STEP 2: Create a Strategy

We all know we need to prioritize, but how? Use Eisenhower's Matrix to quickly decide how important something is, and what to do about it. 

STEP 3: Implementation

You'll finish up by creating s framework to identify what you can truly accomplsh in your schedule, and you'll never have to let yourself down again!

Stop the Overwhelm

By taking control of your To Do list for the day back from Private Messages and Facebook Comments. 

Find More Hours

By using Eisenhower's Matrix to change the way you prioritize your To Do List. 

Know What Gets Done

You don't have to feel like you work all day but aren't sure if you're actually getting anything done. 

Stop Feeling Inadequate

Because you overestimate what can get done in a day. Learn the secret to feeling accomplished! (Hint: It's not really a secret!)


👋Hey! I’m Minessa Konecky, A business strategist committed to providing you with a system to run a successful online business that doesn’t overwhelm you with “all of the things” all of the time.

Over the last 10 years I've worked with thousands of business owners to help them grow their profits and achieve lasting freedom. Say goodbye to overwhelm, confusion, & endless options and choices, and say hello to a new approach. It's time for you to GROW YOUR BUSINESS #HUSTLEFREE