Social Strategy Squad Membership by Minessa Konecky

Social Strategy Squad Membership

👋Hey! I’m Minessa Konecky, A social selling strategy expert committed to providing you with a plan to run a successful online business that doesn’t overwhelm you with “all of the things” all of the time.

So what do you say, are you ready to
grow your business #HUSTLEFREE


You’ve told  yourself you’ll figure it out for months. And you're still trying. But have you ever stopped to consider what waiting to hire a coach is 💸 costing you?

  • How many people are you turning away because of an unclear message? 
  • How much money are you losing from people not seeing your content? 
  • How many potential customers walk away because your sales process is confusing? 
Waiting to implement a business strategy designed to find strangers and turn them into loyal shoppers is already costing you a great deal. 


What you need is a ready made step-by-step process that lets you run a profitable business without it taking over your life. Because you don’t have time to become a business expert and also run your business. So don’t! Instead, you can join thousands of women who have used my system to amplify their social media reach and engagement, create more free time, and ultimately increase profits.




There’s no more confusion about what you need to learn when, apply when, how often to promote, how often to post. I lay it all out for you. 


I won’t let you fall back on old excuses and habits. I see the potential in your business, so I won’t let you sabotage yourself with business baggage. 


This system will buy you GUILT FREE evenings with your family, days off, and evenings spent watching reruns of Friends. You’ll love your job and love your life.


👋Hey! I’m Minessa Konecky, A business strategist committed to providing you with a system to run a successful online business that doesn’t overwhelm you with “all of the things” all of the time.

Over the last 10 years I've worked with thousands of business owners to help them grow their profits and achieve lasting freedom. Say goodbye to overwhelm, confusion, & endless options and choices, and say hello to a new approach. It's time for you to GROW YOUR BUSINESS #HUSTLEFREE



Identify and remove the bad business habits that cost you time and money


Implement a breadcrumb strategy to bring customers straight to your door


Then it’s time to clock out and let systems to do the hustling FOR you


Minessa’s trainings are fantastic! She’s helped me learn how to grow my business while still providing the excellent customer service that I pride myself on! I’m more comfortable than ever being “authenticly me” while also remaining professional.
Stephanie Haza Vetne
Excellent information for any small business that wants to attract their target and connect with them. I'm a serial entrepreneur and I spend time in Direct to Success everyday to get tips to build my businesses. It’s an invaluable resource.
Kimberly Latko
The training provided is seriously amazing. I have learned more about my business in two months from her service than I did in a year through my DS up-line. Hands down - the finest assistance available to get you real results. Value Value Value.
Sami Smith

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Social Strategy Squad ➕

$29.99 / month
$350 / year (save 3%)
Includes access to 7 products:
Get access

Social Strategy Squad

$14.99 / month
$164.89 / year (save 8%)
Includes access to 1 product:
Get access

Power Tools For Your Business! Over $14,000 in value for $14.99/month. Unmatchable value!

Month 1 – Target Audience ($750 value)

Learn the exact words to use in your posts to guarantee that your content is shown to the right people – and not dead weight. Identify their pain points and position your product as the only solution for them. Bonuses: target audience examples for you to model!

Month 2 – E-Mail Marketing ($350 value)

Eliminate those panic filled moments when you get thrown in jail, or Facebook goes down, or something changes by building a failsafe with us. A step-by-step walkthrough of building a system in aWeber to connect with your audience and open new income streams. 

Month 3 – Marketing Without Facebook ($600 value)

No reason to avoid using email because no one’s opening your messages. Learn how to craft subject lines that grab attention, and create emails that convert. Bonuses: email & funnel reviews, time saving tips, and a ton of email examples. 

Month 4 – Promoting with Chatbots ($750 value)

Learn how to set up an event and promote your events so people actually show up using ManyChat’s power tools! Improve event attendance, higher sales, & more shares! Bonus: Complete templates & Chatbot Flow download. 

Month 5 – Video on Social ($1,000 value)

Grow your revenue up to 49% faster by using video. In one month, you’ll learn how to create simple videos to replace graphics in your social media posts and give your business page a facelift. This is one of the most powerful tools in any marketers arsenal.

Month 6 – Branding isn’t What you Think it is ($950 value)

Many business owners spend a lot of time figuring out how to make things pretty, without asking, “Does it work?” Learn the parts of your images that really matter, and how to use Canva’s basic functions to keep your audience’s interest. 

Month 7 – Cover Photos ($450 value)

Watch this short video on the Actions on Page button. Then head over to your business page and check to see the Actions on Your page. If people aren’t pressing your button, then your cover photo isn’t working and you’re repelling most of your audience. This month, you’ll fix that problem. 

Month 8 - Building Your Local Market ($750 value)

Once you have this system in place, you don’t need to worry about it. So you can focus on making money. The funnel takes so much time, there’s no time for the actual customer acquisition part. You have pieces in place so you can devote your efforts exclusively to prospecting. 

Month 9 - Planning for the Holidays ($550 value)

Small businesses don’t often have time to plan for the busy holiday rush in advance. Use templates and guides to decide on promotional activities, events, and sales, so that you’re sliding into the busiest sales season of the year with calm, ease, and confidence. 

Month 10 – Optimize Your Business Page ($450 value)

During this month you’ll learn how to role-play as a customer and walk through your user journey to identify holes that need to be plugged. It’s time now to make sure that people aren’t falling through sales cracks you don’t know exist. 

Month 11 – Taking Stock of the Year so Far ($950 value)

Start thinking about your plan for next year. Before you can do that, you must know the state of your business from this past year. Get a head start on wrapping up your year by beginning the process of reflection now, so you won’t be rushing and struggling later. 

Month 12 – Planning For Next Year ($950 value)

The most powerful tool in your #hustlefree arsenal. Create a rough plan for your first quarter and the coming year. Build your freedom to experiment! This is the final touch on the business plan you’ve been working on all year long. 


How does the squad work?

The squad is a monthly membership program. Once you join the cost of your monthly membership is automatically charged to your card. You pay for your membership in the coming month. For example, if you sign up anytime in January, your first month of membership will end a month from your signup date, when you will be charged again in February for march. Annual payments are taken out immediately for the full year. 

Once you sign up, you’ll head right over to Unit 32 and get started. 

Why isn’t this a bigger investment?

Obviously, there’s a f-ton of value in this course, way more than the price would indicate. So why not charge more for it? There are a few reasons. 
  1. My mission is to provide you will the tools you need to take your business to the next level, and it can’t do that if you’re not in it. 
  2. What you learn in this group will change your business, and it’s a low time commitment for the return on time invested. 
I don't want you to second guess making a change to your business and your life because of the price.

Who is The Social Strategy Squad for?

This all-inclusive business training course is designed specifically for you; the driven business owner with too much to do and not enough time to do it in. You know the things you need to do, but you need someone to show you how to turn it into a business growth system instead of a bunch of stuff on a list. 

This group will help you master the strategy of your business once and for all.

You’ve been in business for a while, and you’re the type of person who will do whatever it takes to get things done, often neglecting yourself in the process. You’re tired of doing “all the things” and ready to make a change and you want someone who’s already been there to show you the way (that’s me!)

Lastly, you’re done with being shamed for not wanting to live in the #hustleculture. You don’t want to work 24/7 and your family has and always will be your priority. You don’t want to miss soccer games and recitals, and you’re done feeling like no matter how hard you work it’s never enough. If this sounds like you, that changes today. Sign up now, and start with unit 32 and you’ll be well on your way. 

Who is the Social Strategy Squad not for?

The squid army isn’t for everyone, and I would hate for you to join and feel like it’s not the right place for you, so I want to let you know right at the outset who this group will not be a good fit for. This group is not for: 
  1. Someone who isn’t ready to be coached or held accountable. 
  2. Someone who isn’t ready to invest time and money in their future and in themselves. 
  3. It is not for someone looking for a quick fix, to make a lot of money fast, or just looking to grow likes. 
  4. The #squidarmy is not for someone who thinks self-help is weird or who believes that there’s always a reason why a solution won’t work for them. If you aren’t ready to stop saying, “it won’t work because…” then the squad is not for you. 
  5. It isn’t for business owners who aren’t open to new ideas and perspectives. 
  6. It’s definitely not for someone who will not take action on the guidance, support, and tools provided. 
  7. This group is not for someone who isn’t ready to commit a few hours each month to improving their overall life satisfaction and happiness levels. 
The squad will help you 100% overcome all of these limiting beliefs, but your desire to make the change and your willingness to let them go is the critical component. 

What is Your Refund Policy?

We do not offer refunds because we give you everything right away, and we want to keep out people who aren’t all in. If you do decide to cancel after joining, you will not be able to sign up for 6 months after canceling.

Do I get to ask Minessa questions directly?

100% You can ask me questions on the wall, or we have a weekly zoom call that you can bring your questions to. I will be your personal coach. 

Once I become a member, how will I access the squad?

When you sign up you’ll receive an email confirming your purchase, followed up with an email that includes a link to the Social Strategy Squad Facebook Group. You can access your member portal immediately, which contains all of our office hour recordings, target audience workshops, and additional bonus content. All training, conversations, group help, and coaching is included in the group, so definitely don’t miss that step!

  • At the beach and want to learn about how to jump-start your Facebook business page? Watch the video from your iPhone on the beach.
  • In the car waiting to pick up your kids and need to know more about Instagram? Watch the video and download the eBook all from your tablet.

What makes the Social Strategy Squad different from other groups?

Invariably after my training events, I get asked how they can hire me or if I have time for a cup of coffee to pick my brain.

I would love to help with this more than anything, and truth be told, I tried. It wasn’t long before I burned out completely trying to help everyone. I needed a scalable solution that will help me serve more women. That’s where the squad came from. 

I know there are countless blog posts, videos and free webinars you could read, watch, and attend when it comes to social media. But here is what you’re going to get in the squad that you aren’t going to get anywhere else. You’re getting someone who has more than 25 years of experience in new media (I started in online marketing in 1995!), video production, business development, and making money (among others). 

Even more than my experience, I know how to help other people become good at doing all those same things. I’ve consulted with small businesses all over the country to help them make more money, create more time for leisure activities and improve their quality of life. 

Can I hire you to work with me 1:1?

When I work with you 1:1 we are business partners, which means it’s like running more than one business at a time, so I only work with 3 individual clients at once. My waiting list is currently full until June 2020, but if you’d like more information about my Renovate programs, please email and someone from my team will reach out to you. 

My niche is somewhat different, will the squad work for me?

Totally. The philosophies we teach in the squad are often taught under the foil of my own previous businesses, but these are life and business philosophies that can be applied to many aspects of life and business including MLM, direct sales, bloggers, boutiques, coaches. If you’ve got something to sell, we can help. 

Do I need to give a credit card when signing up for free trial offers?

You won’t be asked to enter a credit card when signing up.

Three days before your trial ends, you'll  receive an email letting you know that your trial is expiring, and you can enter in your information then. 

If you don’t upgrade before their trial ends, you'll receive an email notifying them that the trial has expired and you've lost access. You can come back and pay to regain access anytime.

What about anyone with credit card details on file?

If you already have who already have a credit card on file your membership will auto-renew after the free trial. Three days prior to the end of their trial, you'll  receive an email reminder that you will be charged once the free trial ends.